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Do you guys have any thoughts about my story?
I have been working on a story called "World of Myths" for a long while now. In hopes of that people would enjoy it, I've been constantly polishing this story, but I believe I need more help. May I ask all of you to help me, give your opinion, your feelings towards reading my story?

    The once lonely cabin up on the snow covered mountain, recently, became quite lively. A two man team becoming a quartet. Realizing that their home was becoming a bit crowded, Einarr took the action to expanding and renovating the home. Painter offered to help, giving essential details that will help the structure to stay strong and yet look quite appealing.
    Painter didn't seem to have trouble fitting in, even with a short amount of time, he's shown nothing but kindness, which was quite refreshing compared to the rest of the group, Bolverkr and Einarr had always made it awkward for Calder, because of all the bickering, he's unable to know what action to take and worried that he could make the situation worse. Painter was always there to break the tension by simply talking them out with politeness. Only Einarr agrees to reason and simply goes about his own business, same goes for Bolverkr.
    Before Einarr and Painter begins building, they went off to gather resources, while Calder and Bolverkr resumes their training from yesterday. Einarr allowed this instead of asking for help because Calder insisted that he must get stronger due to past events that had nearly costed his life. The two being left alone, their crucial secret flowed out of their mouths.

Bolverkr: “As I was saying yesterday, and now not interrupted by your level of being spooked and mr. pretty boy hiding in a closet. We need to acknowledge your new found power.”

Calder: “Powers get a little crazy sometimes right?”

Bolverkr: “That's only because they weren't mastered. But don't worry. You got the sexy Bolverkr to help you with that.”

Calder: “Will it ever overwhelm me?”

Bolverkr: “Honestly, it really is up to you. Give in to it too much and you will be consumed, your humanity being long forgotten. But if you consume IT, you control it, making it your own, becoming one with you.”

Calder: “I've obtained this new power… gained these new abilities, is it really your eye that gave me these powers?”

Bolverkr: “No, actually. It was the spirit inside you that really gave you powers. Only because you have consumed something spiritual… or well, you now have something spiritual “in” you.”

Calder: “What do you mean by spirit inside me? Does everyone else have it? How do I gain more, how many ways can I obtain it? I have so many questions!”

Bolverkr: “Calm your gorgeous balls. Geez. Ok, I'm going to answer them, one by one because I ain't that smart enough to say all this shit all at once.”

Calder: “I'm not surprised.”

Bolverkr: “I will smack your ass so hard for that later, but anyways. The spirit inside is the drive of ambition, they mostly take in the form of an animal, and from what I can see, your spirit is a Grizzly Bear.”

Calder: “Grizzly Bear? I... actually kind of like that.”

Bolverkr chuckles and reaches over to Calder's head, before touching, Bolverkr wiggles his fingers a bit and began pulling, with a sudden wave of pain, Calder holds in a scream, fighting the pain. He takes a peek as to why there's this sensation. Bolverkr was pulling the spirit out of him, a bear’s head began to appear, it gives out a mighty yet desperate roar, pushing itself back into Calder. Bolverkr grins and lets go, making Calder fall back and hit the ground with a strong impact. Calder holds his head and groans in hopes of reducing the pain. Bolverkr bit his lip, holding back, looking at his fingers that has touched Calder's spirit, his eyes were similar to a hungry animal, realizing this he licks his fingers and looks at Calder's pants, avoiding the hungry thought.

Bolverkr: “That's so cute. But ya. Your ambition is hunting, and what have you been doing most of your years? Hunting. You're feeding your spirit. In order to activate it, is physical consumption, or any way of taking it in your body. Heh heh, if you want I can give you a session tonight. Heh heh heh heh…”

Calder: “Can you cut the crap and get to answering my questions?!”

Bolverkr: “Since you have my eye, your spirit finally awakened, you have technically physically consumed a spiritual being.”

Calder:  “Alright I'm starting to understand.”

Bolverkr: “As for the “does everyone else have it” question. The answer is yes. They only develop when the ambition is towards something that involves the spirit world. And blah blah on getting the benefits for waking it up.”

Calder: “So how do I get more power?”

Bolverkr: “Start eating the demons you hunt. Eat their flesh and drink their blood. That's the fastest way. You've already killed them, giving your spirit more power. But to combat that, your body must consume as well.

Calder: “To consume demons… that's blasphemy, treason to humanity! I cannot do that, I will never consider myself human if I do!”

Bolverkr: “Then simply say you devour demons, make some amazing yet catchy title for yourself. Gain a reputation and some people will think you're still human. As long as people still believe, then isn't that the only thing that really matters?”

Calder: “I… still refuse. I don't want to lose any more of my humanity!”

Bolverkr: “If that's what you want, then go ahead. Be weak and watch the rest of your love ones die. Or. Grow some balls and take advantage of that, save the ones you cherish most.”
World of Myths Chp.6
I hope you like!~ Please tell me how you feel about it~ Chitanda Bowing Icon

The chapters will constantly be polished as much as it can! Please Fave and Comment!~

Chp. 1 -
Chp. 2 -
Chp. 3 -
Chp. 4 -
Chp. 5 -
Chp. 6 - Here~

Bolverkr: “Alright my Sweet Raspberry Sack of Shit, whom I am loving very much. Next you'll learn how to make peace with your inner spirit.”

Calder: “Inner Spirit? Or do you mean-”

Bolverkr quickly slaps his hand on Calder’s mouth, silencing him immediately. He tries to pry the hand off, but to no avail. Bolverkr lifts a finger up to his lips then points towards Calder's forehead. With a slight bit of confusion, Calder hears a voice in his head.

Bolverkr: “Hey Sexy thing, you wouldn't want Einarr to know you have demon in you.”

Calder: “I honestly do not know if I can handle all this…”

Calder quickly took a step back, losing his balance and falls onto the cold snow. He was quite shocked. Calder shook his head, denying that losing his mind is much too soon. Bolverkr starts smiling, holding back his laughter.

Bolverkr: “You really are slow. But don't worry love, you'll get used to it.”

Einarr notices Calder and Bolverkr staring at each other, no words had been exchanged for a while now. He walks up to the two and slaps Bolverkr in the back of the head.

Einarr: “What are you guys doing? And why is Calder on the ground? Explain yourself, Demon.”

Bolverkr: “Meh, Precious Calder simply tripped over some soft snow. So cute.”

Einarr: “Doesn't seem like it.”

Sensing how shocked and shaken Calder was, Einarr sits next to him, petting his head and pulling out a cookie, waving it in front of Calder's face. The scent of the cookie was strong, the smell tickling Calder's nose. He immediately jumps, and whacks the cookie off of Einarr’s hand.

Calder: “Einarr please! You know I strongly dislike sweets!”

Einarr: “heh, that's why I brought it out, no matter what kind of sweet it was, it'll always make you jump.”

Calder: “... heh you're right, thanks, I really needed that.”

A warm smile formed on Calder's face, his mind is dancing with joy and fulfillment. Someone who had been close to him for so many years, remained by his side. Remembering the little known details such as the disliking of sweets. Calder insisted that it is kept a secret, afraid that the girls in the cafe might dislike him for that. Einarr knew Calder was never good around women, his hands would get sweaty, as well as his voice cracking when trying to speak. Most women would just avoid that, assuming that he was just a coward, except for this one woman, she loved everything about Calder. Einarr supported their relationship with so much encouragement. It was an unforgettable experience. He looks at Calder's warm smile, small tears form in his eyes, it's been awhile since he's seen a true smile on Calder's face. Bolverkr sees the loving moment and claps his hands.

Bolverkr: “Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, you two look so cute together, but I must digress, I think me and Calder would be the most cutest compared to you. Einarr.”

Einarr: “Shut your mouth demon! At least I know him more than you do.”

Bolverkr: “With all that knowledge and yet still a virgin?”

Einarr: “I'm not disrespectful like you!”

Bolverkr: “Well that's no fun, what's wrong with a little pain? Especially when you do it right. Like “Love”. Now that. That is kinky.”

Einarr: “You're a very strange Demon…”

Bolverkr: “I am what I am.”

Calder raises a brow, slightly amused by the two bickering. He sighs in relief, Einarr doesn't need to deal with the struggles of trying to move on anymore, now that Bolverkr had joined their lives, He seems to pay more attention to Bolverkr’s silliness. Chuckling to himself, Calder walks towards the cabin, though he stops in his tracks, a faint sound echoed through his head, confused, Calder looks around, searching for the source of the sound. It lead him towards the bountiful pile of firewood behind the cabin. With a little more inspections, Calder finds a cloaked person, faced down on the cold snow. Gasping and groans kept the person from speaking. Calder holds the person up to look at their face, but was covered by an animal’s skull, used as a mask.

Calder: “Are you alright?”

The person unable to speak, lifted his cloak and revealed a large gash on his sides, blood leaking out immensely. Without hesitation, Calder quickly carried the person and took them into the cabin, immediately taking care of the wound. After a few minutes of recovering, the person looked at Calder, expression unknown due to the mask.

Person: “T-thank you, kind sir… I owe you… so much.”

Calder took a few blinks, the person had finally spoken, it was a male’s voice, gentle and young.

Calder: “You're welcome, now I know it's worth it because you haven't attacked me yet, and that I thank you...uh...”

Painter: “Painter… the name’s Painter. A… pleasure meeting you.”

Calder: “Painter huh? Interesting name. I'm Calder. Nice to meet you.”

Painter: “May I ask… why did you help me?”

Calder: “It seemed like you needed it. I can't bare the sight of someone dying.”

Painter: “I see… I must apologize that we had to meet at such circumstances…”

Calder: “It's alright, knowing that you're alive is good enough for me.”

Painter: “heh you are too kind.”

Calder observes the mask that Painter is wearing, the eye sockets were pitch black, tilting his head, he notices that it was black bandages covering his eyes.

Calder: “You're… blind, aren't you.”

Painter: “You are correct. I am indeed blind.”

Calder: “How do you get around?”

Painter: “I have practiced my senses over the years, I manage to read my surroundings much more clearer, creating an image in my mind.”

Calder: “Interesting.”

Einarr and Bolverkr walked inside the cabin, staring daggers at each other until they see Painter. Their eyes studied him with curiosity, though Bolverkr had shivers down his spine, he didn't understand why he felt uncomfortable. He took a step back and kept his distance.

Einarr: “Who the hell are you?”

Painter: “Painter, your friend Calder helped me cover my wounds.”

Calder: “He's a good kid. Very polite. Unlike a certain someone.”

Calder glares at Bolverkr, who seems pretty nervous and uneasy, he didn't even respond with a remark, only pondering and confused. Calder shrugs it off and looks at Painter.

Calder: “How old are you anyways Kid?”

Painter: “19, if you gentleman don't mind, I'd love to know your age.”

Calder: “28”

Einarr: “24”

Bolverkr: “O-over a hundred.”

Painter: “Thank you for answering my question.”

Calder: “Can I ask something?”

Painter: “You may.”

Calder: “What were you doing in the back of the cabin?”

Painter: “I'm not quite sure, during the fight with the “dark one” I've been inflicted with life threatening wounds, it was a struggle, but I was able to defeat them. After, I managed to carry myself to your cabin.

Einarr: “Who are the “dark ones”?”

Painter: “My apologies, it seems I was only speaking in my terms and not consider your own. I believe you call them, demons. If I'm correct.

Calder: “I see… you must be a hunter.”

Painter: “I am considered as one.”

Calder: “Interesting, we both have the same drive. If it's not too much trouble, would you like to join us?”

Painter: “It'd be a pleasure. Glad to be of service to you.”
World of Myths Chp.5
I hope you like!~ Please tell me how you feel about it~ Chitanda Bowing Icon

Over the past few days I have been inspired thanks to my friends and their encouraging words. Love you <3

The chapters will constantly be polished as much as it can! Please Fave and Comment!~

Chp. 1 -
Chp. 2 -
Chp. 3 -
Chp. 4 -
Chp. 5 - Here~
Chp. 6 -



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