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World of Myths Chp.6
    The once lonely cabin up on the snow covered mountain, recently, became quite lively. A two man team becoming a quartet. Realizing that their home was becoming a bit crowded, Einarr took the action to expanding and renovating the home. Painter offered to help, giving essential details that will help the structure to stay strong and yet look quite appealing.
    Painter didn't seem to have trouble fitting in, even with a short amount of time, he's shown nothing but kindness, which was quite refreshing compared to the rest of the group, Bolverkr and Einarr had always made it awkward for Calder, because of all the bickering, he's unable to know what action to take and worried that he could make the situation worse. Painter was always there to break the tension by simply talking them out with politeness. Only Einarr agrees to reason and simply goes about his own business, same goes for Bolverkr.
    Before Einarr and Painter begins buil
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World of Myths Chp.5
Bolverkr: “Alright my Sweet Raspberry Sack of Shit, whom I am loving very much. Next you'll learn how to make peace with your inner spirit.”
Calder: “Inner Spirit? Or do you mean-”
Bolverkr quickly slaps his hand on Calder’s mouth, silencing him immediately. He tries to pry the hand off, but to no avail. Bolverkr lifts a finger up to his lips then points towards Calder's forehead. With a slight bit of confusion, Calder hears a voice in his head.
Bolverkr: “Hey Sexy thing, you wouldn't want Einarr to know you have demon in you.”
Calder: “I honestly do not know if I can handle all this…”
Calder quickly took a step back, losing his balance and falls onto the cold snow. He was quite shocked. Calder shook his head, denying that losing his mind is much too soon. Bolverkr starts smiling, holding back his laughter.
Bolverkr: “You really are slow. But don't worry love, you'll get used to it.”
Einarr notices Calder and Bolve
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Bloodborne OC x Reader Chp.4
"Oh Father Gascoigne. May you have mercy..."
Father Gascoigne swings at Hunter, their axes clashing together. Gascoigne pulled out his Blunderbuss and shot at Hunter, pushing him back. Hunter regains footing and gives two powerful slashes. Gascoigne retaliated quickly, doing a massive damage on Hunter. He drops to his knees as he holds his wound. Gascoigne lets out a loud grunt and lowers his weapons.
"Ooh, what's that smell... The sweet blood, ooh, it sings to me! It's enough to make a man sick." 
Gascoigne let out a faint breath, his body slowly forming into an unseemly beast. With a mighty roar, he lunges at Hunter, giving him huge gash on his chest, Hunter gasps, falling to his knees, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out an oil urn and a Molotov Cocktail, quickly tossing it at Gascoigne, who bursts into flames and fell to the ground, now lifeless. I ran to Hunter, holding him up as he takes in a blood vial.
"Are you alright Hunter? That was a really tough fight..."
"I than
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World of Myths Chp.4
Bolverkr: “Where the hell did you get that book.”
Einarr: “We found this book from a monster we killed recently. Why?”
Bolverkr bit his lip, his eyelids drooping and tapped his fingers against the table.
Bolverkr: “That’s the book the demons were looking for. If any one of those demons were left alive, they would tattle tale to their “oh so strong leader”. After that, this place would be flooded and we could have been killed right on the spot. I think I deserve a “Thank you” .”
Einarr: “You don’t deserve jack shit, you could have still been able to save Calder from getting his eyes clawed off.”
Bolverkr: “Bite me, you weren’t there to help him, I’m pretty sure he screamed loud enough for the entire forest to hear.”
Einarr: “ ……. “
Einarr looks down in defeat, his eyes slightly closed and watered up, shivers running down his spine, hands shake uncontrollabl
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Battlefield 1: Tank Hunter by MythicalWolfAngel Battlefield 1: Tank Hunter :iconmythicalwolfangel:MythicalWolfAngel 8 2 Calder by MythicalWolfAngel Calder :iconmythicalwolfangel:MythicalWolfAngel 8 2 Battlefield 1 by MythicalWolfAngel Battlefield 1 :iconmythicalwolfangel:MythicalWolfAngel 8 7 Will Always be a Demon by MythicalWolfAngel Will Always be a Demon :iconmythicalwolfangel:MythicalWolfAngel 8 3


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Do you guys have any thoughts about my story?
I have been working on a story called "World of Myths" for a long while now. In hopes of that people would enjoy it, I've been constantly polishing this story, but I believe I need more help. May I ask all of you to help me, give your opinion, your feelings towards reading my story?
Might be livestreaming Bloodborne again. Perhaps I can have a chat with you guys~
I wonder trade Rowlets and majority of the time People give me junk pokemon
Does anyone have an Xbox1 and Battlefield1? I'd like to play with someone


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